Leading The New School

Valued Partnerships


Matt Field

Managing Director

I'm Matt, I'm an Environmental Scientist at Lancaster University; the highlight of my life was seeing a Black Rhino in the Maasai Mara and no feeling has come close since. I try to live my life as spontaneously as I can... apparently that now involves creating a clothing brand alongside my flatmate / best friend Luke Buckley.
Kanye is the GOAT don't @ me


Luke Buckley

Managing Director 

I'm Luke, I'm the manager of an art gallery in Liverpool; the highlight of my life is watching the Colosseum light up at night with my partner Kiera. I've got an eye for art, and Matt... well Matt's got an eye for doing stupid shit and it working out. So why not give this a go?


Luke Broadbent

Partner Artist 

Hi I'm Luke, I currently work in a warehouse but I have a serious passion for art. The highlight of my life is watching my niece turn into more of a person day by day.
Luke approached me to join this venture and I couldn't say no, I have drawn for years and this really has the opportunity to be my big break. I spend hours crafting each piece by hand, though Luke and Matt don't get a say in what I draw, I am excited to share my expressions on this platform.


Lara Danby

Partner Artist 

I'm Lara, I recently graduated from the University of Southampton studying Social Anthropology. The highlight of my life so far would have to be toboggan sledding down The Great Wall of China! I started doing biro art at GCSE and A-level and now I cant imaging myself not doing it. I use a spiral technique to achieve both patterned and blended portraits.